4G LTE Filter | 4G TV Filter | Filter to block LTE signal

This page describes 4G LTE filter or 4G TV filter. The 4G LTE filter is used to block 4G LTE signal so that it will not interfere Digital terrestrial television (DTT) reception.

As we know Digital Terrestrial Television operates in UHF frequency band from 470MHz to 790MHz. LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology developed for high speed data internet connection operates in the band from 790MHz to about 860MHz. This leads to interference in the DTV channels which are close to LTE frequency band.

LTE interference on TV reception

The new television installation equipments such as antennas and amplifiers are designed and developed to receive good TV signal without any interference. But older DTT installations requires 4G LTE filter.

LTE interference in TV reception

The figure-1 depicts typical TV installation set up. As shown 4G LTE filter is used in between antenna and cable TV modem. The purpose of installing filter in series is to reject LTE frequency bands. Table below mentions frequency bands used in DTT and LTE broadband applications.

Application Frequency Band
Digital Terrestrial TV 742 to 790 MHz
LTE (Downlink,Uplink) 790 to 862 MHz

4G LTE filter can function either as Low Pass Filter or Band Stop Filter. It passes DTT frequencies and rejects (or stops) the LTE frequencies.

4G LTE filter

4G LTE Filter

The figure-2 above mentions 4G LTE filter supplied by TRIAX along with filter module and required cable assembly. The other vendors of 4G LTE filter or 4G TV filter are as follows.

• Wainwright Instruments, GmbH
• TRIAX, Denmark
• Jaycar Electronics, Australia
• at800
• One For All (https://www.oneforall.com/)

Usually the LTE 4G filters are supplied by the cable TV installation companies or TV service provider itself.

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