What is 4G LTE Coverage

This page covers definition of 4G LTE coverage.It mentions ATT lte coverage and T-mobile lte coverage in USA. ATT and T-mobile are 4G lte service providers in USA.

Definition: LTE coverage is the region covered by LTE Base Stations or eNBs. In this region LTE network signals are available. These signals are transmitted by LTE compliant eNBs.

There are two topologies which exist in these coverage areas viz. TDD and FDD. LTE compliant phones can utilize the services of LTE network in order to obtain voice and data services(at high speed).

TDD vs FDD LTE coverage
Fig-1: TDD Vs FDD LTE Coverage

FDD mode will provide better coverage of large area due to fixed downlink(DL)/uplink(UL) on different frequencies compare to TDD mode. TDD mode will provide more downlink capacity with flexible DL/UL ratio in the LTE frame structure. LTE TDD hotspots with LTE FDD macrocells will enhance capacity and also will expand LTE coverage. Refer LTE FDD vs LTE TDD modes for more information. Figure-1 depicts TDD vs FDD LTE coverage.

ATT LTE Coverage USA

ATT LTE coverage
Fig-2: AT&T LTE Coverage

The figure-2 depicts ATT LTE coverage across USA region.

T-Mobile LTE Coverage USA

T-mobile LTE coverage
Fig-3: T-Mobile LTE Coverage

The figure-3 depicts T-mobile LTE coverage across USA region.

About ATT(AT&T), USA

AT&T Inc. is American multinational corporation. The company is headquartered in Texas, USA. The company helps people by providing advanced mobile services, high speed internet, next-generation TV, smart solutions and more.
Website: https://www.att.com/

About T-Mobile

The company T-Mobile is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA. T-Mobile is a wireless service provider which offers voice and data services to cell phones, laptop and desktop users. By providing LTE coverage T-Mobile offers very fast internet services to the users. T-Mobile with employee strength of more than 40,000 serves 293 million Americans in entire US region.
Website: www.t-mobile.com/

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