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This page describes IoT development kits. It covers IoT kits from popular vendors. The IoT kits include vendors such as ARM, Amazon Web Services, Wunder Bar, Twine,Brick Pi, Verve, Kinoma Create, Ninja Sphere, Intel, Microsoft, Arduino etc. IoT stands for Internet of Things.

As we know Internet of Things i.e. IoT is the network which connects not only people but also things using internet backbone. The IoT devices are connected with the IoT network using wireless or wired connections. The battery of IoT devices have been designed to have long life. Often battery are any other charging device in IoT device is powered using energy harvesting techniques.

IoT kits are available to speed up the development work in various wireless standard based devices which include Zigbee, Zwave, LoRa, WiFi, NFC, Weightless, THREAD, Bluetooth etc.

IoT Development Kit Vendors Description
ARM IoT kit consists of ARM board along with sensors, LEDs, joystick, LCD and other accessories.
Amazon Web Services The company promotes many IoT kits from manufacturers such as Marvell, Avnet, Renesas, Media Tek, Intel, TI, Microchip, Beaglebone etc.
Wunder Bar It offers IoT starter kit useful for app. developers, The kit consists of small boards made of 5 sensors, 1 master module and 1 bridge module. The master can be controlled using smartphone.
Twine The solution provided by Twine help one monitor home while being away or in office. The kit consists of sensors while alerts the owner with regard to opening of doors, any leaks or any other house security related items as programmed.
Dexter Industries BrickPi kit allows one to connect with Raspberry Pi and transform the same to a Lego robot. This IoT kit contains board, motors, Lego sensors, micro SD, wireless dongle etc.
Inxus The Product called Verve2 contains various sensors which can be fixed on home appliances and devices such as fridges or lights. This will help one monitor opening and closing of doors, light activity i.e. ON or OFF status etc. The product comes up with API which helps user read the data in various languages.
Kinoma Create The product called Kinoma Create comes up with javascript code which helps interface with sensors and hence will help making IoT devices. This IoT starter kit consists of touchscreen, microphone and speaker. WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy chips are integrated in the kit itself.
Ninja Sphere This kit can be used to make hotspot for the home. It helps to link sensors and smart devices in the home. This IoT development kit helps in doing home automation. The sphere kit consists of LED display. The kit can be controlled using smartphone app.
INTEL Intel has developed IoT development kits along with IDE software to help IoT companies speed up their development effort. There are range of sensors available to be chosen for the IoT prototype work. There are different modules viz. Intel® Joule™ Module, Intel® IoT Gateway, Intel® Edison Module, Intel® Galileo Board.
Microsoft The IoT starter kits from Microsoft include following.
• Adafruit Raspberry Pi Kit
• Adafruit Feather M0 kit
• Adafruit Huzzah Feather ESP8266 Kit
• Intel Edison Kit
• SparkFun Thing Dev Kit
Arduino IoT starter kit which contains wifi module, temperature sensor and other accessories.

Vendors of FPGA, DSP, Microcontroller Kits

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