What is IoT Platform | IoT Platform basics, Vendors, Companies

This page describes IoT platform basics. It mentions IoT Platform vendors or IoT (Internet of Things) platform companies with their product offerings.

Definition: In generic term, IoT platform refers to software components which provides interface between sensors and applications.
• It helps in deploying applications in IoT domain.
• These applications monitor, control and manage IoT devices.
• The platform helps in remote data collection from IoT sensors.
• The IoT platform also helps in establishing secured connectivity between IoT devices.

IoT Platform

We know that IoT devices and IoT applications are individually connected with IoT cloud. The IoT platform makes it possible for them to communicate and hence interoperability between devices and applications can be possible.

The figure-1 depicts IoT platform components viz. sensor interface, application programming interfaces (APIs), security and standards based on different wireless technologies.

IoT Platform Vendors | IoT Platform Companies

Following table mentions IoT platform vendors or IoT platform companies with their products.

IoT Platform Vendors or Companies Description
Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Amazon is device SDK and secure device based gateway. It helps connect different types of sensors from various application profiles with the cloud.
Microsoft Azure IoT suite, this IoT platform incorporates previous Azure stream analytics which helps in processing large amount of data.
IBM Product names IBM Watson helps in device management, secure communication, realtime data exchange and data storage.
Cisco Product named cisco IoT cloud connect, it provides data as well as voice connectivity for mobile operators etc.
Salesforce IoT platform solution from Salesforce helps in customer engagement. It helps in pushing messages to customers after collecting data from websites, sensors and other IoT devices.
Oracle Internet of Things Platform from oracle helps in real time analysis of the IoT data. Collects data from IoT applications and provide notifications to IoT connected devices automatically.
General Electric Product called Predix is a IoT platform which helps in development of applications which uses realtime data for further analysis and accurate decision making in shorter time period.

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