General -List of Production or manufacturing Tests on RF and SoC devices

This page list out production or manufacturing tests on RF and SoC devices which include VSWR,return loss,gain,IQ mismatch,IP3,TOI and more.

Parameter LNA PA Mixer Switch Transmitter Receiver
VSWR   X X X   X
Return Loss X X X   X X
Insertion Loss       X   X
Gain X X       X
Gain Flatness   X       X
Isolation X   X X    
Linearity   X        
Noise Figure X X X     X
Dynamic Range   X       X
Power Consumption ex.P1dB X X X X X X
Third Order Intermodulation product (IP3) X X X   X X
Third Order Intercept point (TOI)   X       X
Harmonic distortion   X X     X
Conversion Loss/Gain     X      
Intermodulation distortion     X      
Switching speed       X    
Bandwidth X X     X X
Power Added Efficiency(PAE)   X        
Spurious output   X X     X
RF-LO rejection     X     X
ACPR/ACLR   X     X  
Phase Noise         X X
IQ offset           X
IQ amplitude match           X
IQ phase match           X
Output power         X  
Carrier suppression         X  
Error Vector Magnitude(EVM)         X X


Refer RF measurements tutorial which covers covers measurement of gain, spurious,charmonics,c1dB compression point,cnoise figure,cimage rejection,creturn loss, phase noise, group delay, frequency stability, TOI, AM-PM conversion and more RF device measurements.


Book on Production Testing of RF and System-on-a-Chip Devices for Wireless Communications By Keith B. Schaub & Joe Kelly

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