Which are the LoRaWAN certification test providers in INDIA?

This page mentions list of LoRaWAN certification test providers in INDIA. They are DEKRA (India) Pvt. Ltd. and TUV India.

What is LoRaWAN ?

LoRa alliance has published specifications of the LoRaWAN system. It is also managing and maintaining the LoRaWAN specifications.

LoRaWAN interfaces between its elements

LoRaWAN network consists of end devices, gateway and network servers, Join server and application server as shown.


Tel: +91 22 6694 2350
Mobile: +91 983 0808548
Email: mayur.rehapade@dekra.com
Web: www.dekra-product-safety.com/en/solutions/wireless-testing
708, Lodha Supremus, Nehru Nagar,
Kanjurmarg (E)
Mumbai 400042


27/B, 2nd Cross, Electronic City, Phase 1
Bangalore 560100

List of LoRaWAN certification test cases

Following table mentions test cases used in LoRaWAN certification.

LoRaWAN certification test cases

Other LoRaWAN certification test providers in the World

Following table mentions LoRaWAN certification test providers.

LoRaWAN certification test providers

It uses frequency channels viz. 865.0625 MHz, 865.4025 MHz and 865.985 MHz. Refer LoRaWAN Bands >> which mentions LoRaWAN frequency channels used in INDIA.

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