TD-SCDMA Physical layer


This page describes UTRA Physical Layer or TD-SCDMA Physical layer as per TDD mode. This example is for 1.28Mcps and diagram shows one used for transport channel part.

As shown in teh figure below TD-SCDMA physical layer transmitter covers following modules through which information from layer-2 traverses.
1. CRC and Tail bits addition
2. Transport block concatenation and code block segmentation
3. Channel Coding (CC/Turbo)
4. Radio frame equalization
5. Interleaving
6. Radio Frame Segmentation
7. Rate Matching
8. Multiplexing
9. Bit Scrambling
10.Physical channel mapping
11.Data modulation
12. Spreading
13. complex scrambling
14. Pulse shaping(RRC)
15. IQ modulation
16. RF up conversion and transmission to the channel

TD-SCDMA Physical layer

Fig.1 TD-SCDMA Physical layer Transmitter

TD-SCDMA 3GPP standard references

3GPP TS 25.222 - multiplexing, channel coding and interleaving.
3GPP TS 25.223 - Spreading and modulation.
3GPP TS 25.224 - Physical layer procedures.
3GPP TS 25.225 - Physical layer measurements.
All the documents can be downloaded from following links:

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