RF SSPA Measurements

This page of RF SSPA test procedure describes how to test RF SSPA.It covers RF SSPA measurements such as gain,P1dB or TOI point, AM/PM conversion and S parameters. This will help RF engineers in how to test and measure RF power amplifier.

As we know power amplifier is essential module of any wireless transmitter. Before any signal is transmitted by antenna it is being amplified using RF power amplifier to take care of RF channel from where it need to be travelled.

SSPA stands for Solid State Power Amplifier. Following table mentions useful RF SSPA measurements for C band application.

RF SSPA Specifications Typical value
Frequency Range 5.925 to 6.425 GHz
Gain 37dB (min)
Power Output 2Watt
Power Output Stability +/- 0.5dB per day under constant temp. conditions
+/- 1 dB over 0 to 50 degreeC
Spurious Better than -50dBc over frequency band of operation
Input/Output VSWR 1.25:1
Harmonics -30dBc max

Following RF SSPA test procedure describes how to test RF SSPA measurements outlined above.

RF SSPA Test Procedure-How to test RF SSPA

All the above measurements are carried out using SNA or using combination of signal generator with power meter/spectrum analyzer. Refer RF measurement tutorial for more.


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