Zigbee and LoRaWAN Smart HealthCare System architecture basics

This use case covers basics of Zigbee and LoRaWAN based smart Healthcare system. It describes various elements of smart healthcare architecture. It mentions advantages or benefits of LoRaWAN and Zigbee based healthcare system.

The smart healthcare system provides care to people from the remote locations. It helps in monitoring the status of health conditions of patients with the help of various test parameters (e.g. blood pressure, body temperature, visual etc.). This will help doctors in taking better decisions for the treatment of patients.

Smart healthcare system has become possible due to advent of IoT (Internet of Things) based wireless technologies viz. zigbee, LoRaWAN, WiFi, Cellular, WBAN etc. Currently hospitals such as Apollo hospital chennai INDIA, Colchester general hospital UK, Aventura and north shore university hospital USA, First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU China are providing IoT based smart healthcare facilities.

Smart HealthCare System Components

The figure-1 depicts simple architecture of LoRaWAN or zigbee based smart healthcare system. It consists of five major modules/components viz. sensor, intelligent network, cloud computing, big data analysis, smart hospital.

• Sensor Technology:
Various types of sensors for different applications are implanted on the body of patients. These sensors collect the information as desired and communicate the same wirelessly to the router/gateway.

• Intelligent network (IN):
As mentioned data collected by sensors goes for storage at cloud computing stage via Intelligent network. This network is made of routers/gateways/base stations. Typically IN is known as WSN (Wireless Sensor Network). Refer IoT Wireless>> which mentions features of various IoT based wireless technologies.

• Cloud Computing:
The data collected by sensors will be stored in cloud computing based servers before being transferred for analysis in the next section. Refer Cloud Computing>>.

• Big Data Analysis:
At this stage, data is being analyzed which helps in taking proper decisions while treatment of patients. Refer What is Big Data?>>.

• Smart Hospital:
At this stage, data with all the results are used to prepare detailed reports. These reports are sent to healthcare professionals who will examine the same and provide appropriate medicines/treatments.

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