LTE UE Signalling Conformance Tests

This page describes LTE UE signalling conformance tests.

LTE UE signalling conformance test specifications are published as mentioned below.
User Equipment(UE) conformance specifications; Part 1 PCS(Protocol Conformance Specification): It is defined in 3GPP 36.523-1
User Equipment(UE) conformance specifications; Part 2 ICS(Implementation Conformance Statement) : It is defined in 3GPP 36.523-2
User Equipment(UE) conformance specifications; Part 3 ATS(Abstract Test Suite) : It is defined in 3GPP 36.523-3


The test cases are categorized based on different layers used in LTE protocol stack as well as different functionalities.
•  RRC
•  EMM (EPS Mobility Management)
•  ESM (EPS Session Management)
•  Radio bearer
Few of the LTE test cases under these categories are described below.

RRC signalling conformance tests-IDLE

Subgroup Reference/Description
Pure E-UTRAN Environment tests cell re-selection, PLMN selection in only LTE environment
Multimode environment tests UE in inter-RAT selection,cell selection and re-selection under multi-RAT environment housing all the RATs ETRAN, UTRAN and GERAN
closed subscriber group cells tests UE in closed group cells

RRC Connected tests

Subgroup Reference/Description
RRC connection management procedures Paging,RRC connection establishment and release procedures
RRC connection reconfiguration bearer setup, Radio resource re-config., radio bearer release, intra LTE cell handover procedures
Measurement configuration control, Measurement config. reporting Intra LTE measurements and Inter RAT measurements
Inter-RAT handover Between E-UTRA, UTRAmGERAN, HRPD, 1xRTT
Other tests Radio link failure,downlink and uplink direct transfer, UE capability transfer

Layer-2 signalling tests

Subgroup Reference/Description
MAC layer mapping between logical and transport channels, RACH, DL-SCH and UL-SCH data transfer, MAC re-configuration, DRX operation, transport block size support
RLC layer Acknowledged mode, unacknowledged mode
PDCP Layer maintenance of PDCP sequence numbers for radio bearers, robust header compression testing, PDCP ciphering, PDCP handover, PDCP integrity protection, U-plane latency performance


Subgroup Reference/Description
EMM common procedures reallocation procedure, authentication, security mode control procedure, identification, EMM information procedures
EMM specific procedures Attach, detach, tracking area update procedures
EMM connection management procedures service request procedures, paging procedures
NAS security NAS ciphering, integrity protection
EPS session management Dedicated EPS bearer context activation, context modification, de-activation,UE requested PDN connectivity,
UE requested PDN disconnect, UE requested bearer resource allocation, UE requested resource release



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