LDACS2 Physical Layer

LDACS2 is proposed L band Digital Aeronautical Communication System for communication between ASs(Aircraft Stations) and GS(Ground Station). It is a single carrier based technology and operates as per TDD topology concept. It operates in the frequency band from 960MHz to 975 MHz. As this physical layer works on TDD concept. In TDD, transmissions from ASs and GS are time multiplexed at the same carrier frequency. The same can be understand from LDACS2 frame structure.
Refer LDACS1 physical layer first before LDACS2 PHY to understand the concept throughly.

LDACS2 physical layer

Figure-1 depicts LDACS2 physical layer Transmitter. As shown in the figure, data goes through following steps. In general physical layer transmitter consists of RS Encoder, Convolution encoder, puncturing, interleaver, frame formation and GMSK modulation as used in GSM standard.

LDACS2 physical layer receiver

LDACS2 physical layer receiver

In general LDACS2 physical layer receiver consists of front end synchronization (Time, frequency and channel), GMSK demodulation, frame decomposition, deinterleaver, depuncturing, viterbi decoder and RS Decoder.

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