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IoT based Collision Impact Measuring System Architecture

This page describes IoT based Collision Impact Measuring System Architecture. It mentions benefits or advantages of IoT based Collision severity Measuring System.

Accidents are occuring daily on national highways across the world. As a result of these and due to delay in getting timely medical care, many dealths are happening.

This has pioneered development of IoT based system which monitors severity of collision impact during accident and alerts the emergency ward of the nearby hospital along with GPS location of the accident. In case of multiple simultaneous such requests, hospital staff checks the severity of the impacts and decides which accident site needs immediate help over the others. Moreover they can also decide which medical equipments are required to be carried on such accident sites.

The system described here detects severity of collision based on mounted sensors and upload the data along with location on the server from where data can be pushed on html web page. Arduino board (or ESP32 board) along with GSM module can be used in order to provide interfacing with sensors and cloud server. Let us understand working of Collision Impact Measuring System along with its architecture.

IoT based Collision Impact Measuring System

IoT based Collision Impact Measuring System architecture

➤As shown in the figure, collision sensor, GPS module, GSM module and force sensitive resistors are interfaced with Arduino board. All these components of the system are mounted on the car.
➤Sensors are mounted at places on the car where it is likely to be affected by the accident.
➤When the accident happens, the data collected from the sensors by arduino are pushed using GSM frequency on the cloud server (e.g. Adafruit or Azure etc.).
➤The data can be later sent to the database which is accessed by the web page for display purpose. The web page contains all the sensors data along with GPS locations of the accident.
➤The hospital staff attends the appropriate site of the accidents based on the displayed data on the web page.

Benefits or Advantages of Collision severity Measuring System

Following are the benefits or advantages of IoT based Collision severity Measuring System are as follows.
➤The system helps in reducing deaths by providing immediate medical care.
➤The system helps in deciding which accident site needs more immediate help in case of simultaneous multiple accidents.
➤The system is easy to build and does not require any routine maintenance.
➤The system is easy to install.
➤The system can be easily modified to incorporate other wireless technologies (e.g. LTE-M, NB-IoT, LTE, 5G) based on availability in the region in place of GSM module used.

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