Horn Antenna basics and Types-Sectoral,Pyramidal,Conical

This page on Horn Antenna basics and types cover different horn antennas viz. sectoral horn antenna, pyramidal horn antenna and conical horn antenna. The equations of horn antennas are also mentioned.

The radiating element which has shape of horn is known as horn antenna. It consists of waveguide which has one end blown out and other end is used to provide connection with EM source. Hence this arrangement radiates EM energy.

Mouth of waveguide is flared out to have improvement in radiation efficiency, directive pattern and directivity.

Sectoral Horn Antenna

sectoral horn antenna

The figure-1 depicts sectoral horn antenna type. Here flaring is made only in one direction. It provides impedance matching.

It is further categorized into following two types:
• Sectoral H-plane horn antenna: Here flaring is along the direction of magnetic field i.e. H field.
• Sectoral E-plance horn antenna: Here flaring is along the direction of electric field i.e. E field.

Pyramidal Horn Antenna

pyramidal horn antenna

The figure-2 depicts pyramidal horn antenna type. Here flaring is made along H-plane and E-plane directions both. It has shape of truncated pyramid.

Conical Horn Antenna

conical horn antenna

The figure-3 depicts conical horn antenna type. It is made by flaring out one end of circular waveguide. This is shown in the figure.

Following are the applications of horn antennas:
• Used as feed elements in reflector antennas
• Used to provide moderate gain
• Used in lab measurements and experiments

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