802.16 standards

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This page describes 802.16 family of IEEE standards which include 16d OFDM, 16e OFDMA for fixed wimax and mobile wimax specifications respectively. It covers both PHY and MAC layers.

IEEE 16-series is a family of standards for WMAN i.e. Wireless Metropolitan Area Network. These standards are called as WiMAX and are promoted by WiMAX Forum.

Description of 802.16 standards

These standards include PHY and MAC layers.

802.16 standard Protocols:

IEEE 802.16-2001 standard Describes PHY and MAC layers of broadband air interface for PMP profile. Frequency ranges are from 10 and 66 GHz.
IEEE 802.16-2004 standard Describes air interface of fixed broadband wireless access, which covers PHY and MAC layers. Covers IEEE Std 802.16-2001, IEEE Std 802.16a™-2003, and IEEE Std 802.16c™-2002. Covers both OFDM and OFDMA physical layers. OFDM is referred as fixed wimax and OFDMA as mobile wimax.

IEEE 802.16e-2005 standardDescribes Local & Metropolitan Area Network standard part 16 for Air Interface of Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System.Covers PHY and MAC layers.
IEEE 802.16-2009 standard Updated specifications of above standard for PHY and MAC layers.

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