1GHz Hairpin BPF design

In this article, 1GHz Hairpin type of BPF(Band Pass Filter) design is explained. One can use Agilent ADS or Microwave Office as RF design software tool for simulation and verifying the results. The layout is automatically created.

RF Simulation Circuit

1GHz Hairpin BPF design circuit

The figure depicts RF simulation circuit for 1GHz Hairpin BPF.

Substrate Specifications Value
Relative Dielectric Constant(εr) 3.38
Substrate thickness(H) 0.8128 mm
Conductor thickness(T) 0.035 mm
Rho(Metal Bulk resistivity normalized to gold) 0.7
Tand(Loss tangent of dielectric) 0.0027


1GHz Hairpin BPF results

As shown in the figure S21 (insertion loss) is about 0 dB. Here at RF frequency of 1GHz, insertion loss of BPF (Band Pass Filter) is about -2dB. Return loss of this filter (S11) is about -17dB.

Layout schematic

1GHz Hairpin BPF layout


As explained here any other RF filter of hairpin or interdigital type can be designed and simulated.

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