solar power meter basics

This page covers solar power meter basics.It mentions solar power meter application note and solar power meter manufacturers or Vendors.

As we know solar energy is very useful for mankind. Solar cell is used as one of the popular renewable energy source to convert solar power to the electrical power. Refer Article on Solar cell which explains how solar energy is converted into electrical energy using solar cell.

As it is widely in use for various household and business aplications, solar power measurements have become essential to determine the location where maximum solar radiation is available and where minimum is available. This will help in installation of solar panel based devices at appropriate location to achieve maximum solar power efficiency. Refer Solar cell efficiency for definition of solar cell efficiency as well as useful calculator.

Solar power meter uses high intensity silicon type of photodiode. Solar power meter is used for wide variety of applications such as solar radiation measurements, agriculture, physics and optical laboratories, meteorology etc.

solar power meter Application Note

solar power meter from MECO Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has following features :
•  Solar power range of measurement is about 2000 W/m2
•  Measure instantaneous, average, min./max. values
•  It has 20 points memeory and possess low battery indicator.
•  It measures solar power or solar irradiance, orientation as well as tilt angle.
• Works on 9V battery
• It has display with backlit LCD and 4 digits display.

Specification Solar Power Meter Support
Range of measurement 0 to 2000 W/m2
Spectral response 400 to 1100 nm
Tilt angle range 0 to 90 degree
Sample time approx. 0.4 sec
Battery Life Approx. 30 Hours (in continuous use)
Tilt angle accuracy +/- 1.2 degree <= 60 degree

solar power meter Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular solar power meter Manufacturers/Vendors:
• MECO Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
• Amprobe
•  Adoorwin Industrial Limited
•  Radmeters (

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