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Satellite Finder Basics

This page covers Satellite Finder basics.It also mentions Satellite Finder application note and vendors of satellite finder.

The device satellite finder is a simple satellite signal meter which is used to align satellite dish antennas with communication satellites available in geostationary orbit.

Satellite Finder application note

satellite finder

Usually satellite finder should provide following features:
• It should provide editing of satellite transponder, LO frequency, polarity and Symbol rate.
• It is very accurate method used for antenna alignment with satellite and to install it.
• It provides signal strength as well as quality display
• It supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 functionalities.

Figure-1 depicts typical satellite finder front panel. As shown in the figure following are the ports/buttons provided on the panel.

1 Signal Input(from LNB)
2 Signal Output(to receiver)
3 DC input
4 UP: Move cursor up
5 DOWN: Move cursor down 11 Buzzer
6 LEFT: Move cursor left
7 RIGHT: Move cursor right
8 OK: Confirm (Enter)
9 EXIT: Exit (Cancel)
10 Compass

Satellite Finder Vendors

Following are the popular satellite finder vendors:
• https://www.betacom.hu/
• https://www.maplin.co.uk/
• https://www.dreamboxeshop.co.uk/
• https://www.satcruiser.com/
• https://www.ebay.com/
• https://dpanda.com.au
• SATHERO TECHNOLOGY Co ,https://www.sat-hero.com/
• www.dishpointer.com
• www.amazon.com
• www.screwfix.com

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