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Cell phone signal booster | Working, Manufacturers, Vendors

This page covers cell phone signal booster working. It mentions signal booster application note for cell phone and vendors or manufacturers of cell phone signal booster.

As we know there are various factors which will weaken the transmitted cellular signal. The factors are as follows:
• Building materials such as concrete walls, metal studs, roofs can block the cellular signal.
• Cellular devices which are farther from the cellular tower will weaken the signal. This results into slower data speed and also leads to connectivity related issues.
• Natural obstructions such as mountains, valleys, hills can block and/or weaken the cellular signals.

cell phone signal booster

The device which is used to overcome this issues is referred as signal booster. It is also known as signal repeater. It receives the signal, amplifies it and retransmits the amplified signal. As it is mainly used to boost the signals used by the mobile phones, it is also referred as mobile signal booster.

Cell phone signal booster will help achieve following benefits:
• It will eliminate dropped calls.
• It will enhance data speeds.
• It will extend cell phone battery life.
• It will allow use of cellular devices in the areas where coverage was poor previously.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Application Note

variable gain signal booster

Wilson Electonics Inc. have recently introduced WCI-1065 and WCI-1075 series of cell phone signal boosters. These devices support signal gains of 65dB and 75dB respectively and are used for dual band application. It supports both 2G and 3G cellular networks.

Figure-2 depicts WCI-1075 cell phone signal booster designed and manufactured by Wilson Electronics, Inc. As shown its main aim is amplification of the signal. Signal input is -95dBm; which is amplified by signal booster of gain 75dB; which leads to -20dBm signal output.

Following are the typical specifications of Wilson signal booster:
• Frequency: 824 to 894 MHz, 1850 to 1900 MHz
• Gain: 70dB(for 824 to 894 ) /75dB (for 1850 to 1900)
• Max. uplink power (EIRP) : 3 watts
• Max. downlink power: 26dBm/25dBm
• Noise figure: 3.5dB typical
• Flatness: +/-5dB
• Power Requirements: 6V AC/3A Max.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are the list of popular Cell Phone Signal Booster Manufacturers or Vendors used for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. These are one among best mobile phone signal boosters. The lists also mention model of signal boosters very popular in the brackets.
• Wilson Electronics (model: DT Cell Phone Boost, Sleek Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster, DB Pro Cellular Signal Booster)
• Vktech (CDMA Mobile Phone Signal Booster)
• weBoost (3G Cell phone booster , Drive 4G-M booster , Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster )
• Phonetone (62dB,850MHz,3G Cell Phone Signal Booster, 70dB version is also available)
• SureCall (M2M 4G LTE Signal Booster)
• zBoost (ZB245 Mobile1, dual band, In-vehicle and supports single User )

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