WSN Transceiver basics

This page covers WSN Transceiver basics. It mentions WSN Transceiver application note and WSN Transceiver vendors or manufacturers.

As we know WSN is the short form of Wireless Sensor Networks. There is no one single wireless technology or standard on which WSN works. There are many wireless standards which helps in success of WSN as a whole. The most popular among them are Bluetooth, UWB and zigbee wireless standards as per IEEE 802.15.4.
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WSN Transceiver Application Note

The main component in any WSN network is WSN Transceiver. The Transceiver is the name given to the device which houses both RF transmitter and RF receiver. WSN transceiver is the transceiver which is compliant to any of the WSN wireless standards.

Following table mentions specifications of WSN transceiver from TI(Texas Instruments) model CC2420 compliant to IEEE 802.15.4:
• Data Rate: 250 Kbps
• Modulation: OQPSK
• Frequency of operation: 2.4 GHz
• Supply voltage: 2.1 to 3.6 Volt
• Tx max (mA/dBm) : 17.4/0
• Tx min (mA/dBm) : 8.5/-25
• Startup time (ms): 0.3 to 0.6

The other WSN transceivers are TR1000 from RFM, TDA5250 from Infineon, ZV4002 from Zeevo and so on.

WSN Transceiver Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of WSN Transceiver.

Texas Instruments (TI)
RF Micro Devices
InTech Europe
Silicon Labs

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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