VOIP GSM Gateway Basics | VOIP GSM Gateway Application Note

This page covers VOIP GSM Gateway basics.It mentions VOIP GSM Gateway application note and VOIP GSM Gateway manufacturers or Vendors.

As we know in simple terms, gateway is a device which provides connectivity between two different protocol stack based networks. The gateway compliant to GSM technology with VOIP (Voice Over IP) protocol support is referred as VOIP GSM gateway. The device basically connects wireless networks with wired IP networks. Refer networking gateway for more information.

VOIP GSM Gateway Application Note

Matrix Telecom Solutions has recently released VOIP GSM gateway with following features.
• Easily interfaced with leading IP phone systems
• Has built in GSM/3G connectivity
• software based IP-PBXs
• Hot swapping of SIM cards
• automatic number translation
• remote SIM balance inquiry
• configurable call minutes
• SMS notifications

GSM VOIP Gateway Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are popular VOIP GSM Gateway Manufacturers/vendors:
•  PorTech Communications Inc.
•  Hypermedia Systems
•  DBL Technology Limited
•  Matrix Telecom Solutions (www.matrixtelesol.com)
•  Yeastar
•  Antrax
•  Eurotech Communication
•  Voic Networks
•  Oktell
•  Topex

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