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RF Signal Strength Meter basics

This page covers RF signal strength meter used to measure RF signal strength. It covers application note and vendors or manufacturers.

The device or equipment which measures RF signal strength is known as RF signal strength meter. It helps in identifying whether particular cell tower is transmitting or not. This RF meter is ideal tool for RF network planners, RF optimization and installation engineers.

The RF meter will help to detect RF interference. It is also used for range testing and transmitter checking. Figure depicts RF Solutions-006 test meter.

RF Signal Strength Meter Application Note

RF signal strength meter

RF Solutions Ltd. has recently introduced RF signal strength meter. It has following features:

• It supports transmit as well as receive modes.
• There are four frequencies which can be set i.e. 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz.
• It has smaller size and longer battery life.

In transmit mode, RF meter transmits 100ms pulse @ every 1 second with power of 0 dBm. Here 1KHz sine wave is used to modulate the transmit signal.

In receive mode, RF meter is used to detect the RF frequency as selected using front panel. The receiver sensitivity is also displayed on the front panel.

The device comes up with built-in antenna of frequency 433.92 MHz. Hence the device is ideal for wide variety of applications.

RF Signal Strength Meter Manufacturers

Following are the vendors or manufactures of RF signal strength meter or in short RF meter.

• RF Solutions ( www.rfsolutions.co.uk )
• Less EMF Inc. ( https://www.lessemf.com/ )
• Hackaday ( https://hackaday.com/ )
• Z Technology, Inc. ( www.ztechnology.com ), R-507 Programmable Field Strength Meter
• OKW Electronics ( www.okwelectronics.com )

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