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Microwave Isolator | application of isolator in microwave

This page on Microwave Isolator application notes covers application of isolator in microwave and uses of Microwave Isolator.

As mentioned in Microwave Isolator Working, Isolator is a 2-port device which passes signal in one direction only and prevents the signal going in the other direction. We already know that Microwave Isolator can be obtained by terminating one port of the 3 port rf circulator device. Refer application note on RF Circulator as Isolator>>.

Uses or Applications of Isolator in Microwave

Following are the common uses or applications of Isolator in Microwave.
➤In RF Circuit design
➤In Test and Measurement
➤In RF Chain as a component to prevent any undesired reflection.

Microwave Isolator in RF Circuit Design

Microwave Isolator application note-1, in RF circuit design

The figure-1 depicts use of isolator in microwave circuit design. The circuit is part of RF tranceiver. As shown isolator is connected at the output of rf mixer or at the output of MMIC amplifier to prevent undesired signal reflection.

Microwave Isolator to protect T&M Equipments

Microwave Isolator application note-2, in protecting test and measurement equipments

The figure-2 depicts use of isolator in test and measurement (T&M) to protect testing equipments from damage due to undesired reflections from DUT (Device Under Test). The figure shows signal generator used to test DUT with the help of isolator. Here signal source is connected to port-1 and DUT is connected to port-2.

As mentioned Microwave Isolator is used at the output of the RF Amplifier to prevent damage to it from undesired reflections. This saves cost as it increases life of the test equipments and components used in the circuit design.

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