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RF Circulator Application Notes | RF Circulator Applications

This page on RF Circulator application notes covers RF circulator applications or RF circulator uses. It describes applications or uses of the RF circulators used in RF and microwave industry.

RF Circulator has many applications in telecom industry as summarized below.
• It is used as duplexer to share common antenna between transmitter and receiver.
• It is used as Isolator to protect test equipments from undesired reflections. It helps in protecting circuit elements from reverse signal reflections due to mismatch at junctions, cross junctions, at ports and so on.
• It is used as diplexer along with filters to separate two frequency bands such as transmit band and receive band in GSM 900 and DCS 1800 wireless standards.

RF Circulator applications or RF Circulator uses

Let us understand applications of RF circulator one by one.

RF circulator as duplexer

rf circulator application note

The figure-1 depicts RF circulator used as duplexer to use common antenna between transmitter and receiver. The connections are shown in the figure. Refer How RF Circulator Works>>.

RF circulator as Isolator and as Diplexer

RF Circulator as Isolator and Diplexer

The figure-2 (A) depicts use of RF circulator as isolator. Here one port is terminated to use 3 port circulator as isolator. Here power loss from port-1 to port-2 is less which is known as insertion loss. Power loss from port-2 to port-1 is more which is known as Isolation. Dual port circulators provide more isolation compare to the 3 port circulator mentioned here.

The figure-2 (B) depicts use of RF circulator as Diplexer. It separates two frequency bands from the input frequency band. This is shown in the figure. It uses High Pass Filter at port-2 to separate out desired frequency bands from input frequency band at port-1.

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