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This application note covers 5G MIMO Simulator basics. It mentions 5G MIMO Simulator from Remcom. 5G MIMO Simulator is used to simulate 5G MIMO compliant signal used to test MIMO functionalities in 5G devices. It mentions other 5G MIMO Simulator developers.

About 5G MIMO Simulator:
The hardware and software used to generate 5G compliant MIMO signal vectors as per UE and base station specifications is known as 5G MIMO simulator. The figure-1 below depicts baseband and RF chain used during 5G MIMO simulation.

Typical modules used include coding, modulation, beamforming, MIMO processing, IFFT, DAC, RF up conversion, antenna array etc.

5G Massive MIMO Simulation

Following MIMO modes are usually supported by 4G and 5G Wireless technologies.
• SU-MIMO (Single User MIMO): Supports upto 128 Base Station Antennas, and upto 12 antennas per mobile station. Number of mobile stations used are one.
• MU-MIMO (Multi User MIMO): Supports upto 128 Base Station Antennas, and 8 for MS#1 and 4 for MS#2. Number of movile stations used are two.
• Massive MIMO: Supports upto 128 Base Station Antennas, 5 number of MSs with various antenna configurations (4/4/2/1/1 for MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 and MS5 consecutively).

5G MIMO Simulator from Remcom

Following are the specifications of 5G MIMO Simulator Wireless InSite® Propagation Software from Remcom.

Specifications/features 5G MIMO Simulator Support
Frequency range Supports up to 100 GHz
Propagation model • X3D which is 3D model with no restrictions on shape as well as no restrictions on transmitter/receiver height
• 2D site specific Fast-Ray based model for urban/rough terrain
Import formats • Building & object import formats-KMZ, SHP, DXF, COLLADA
• Terrain formats-DTED, TIFF and DEM
Simulated Antennas Supports SISO, MIMO and Massive MIMO transmit and receive antenna configurations in text format imported from XFdtd 3D EM Simulation Software
Outputs • Power, path loss, propagation paths etc. are used to plot.
• ASCII files are used for plotting.
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Other 5G MIMO Simulator Manufacturers or Vendors

Following is the list of 5G MIMO Simulator Manufacturers or Vendors.

5G MIMO Simulator Vendors/Manufacturers Description with part number
Keysight Technologies Inc. Provides tools for 5G MIMO simulations, generations and analysis.
Mathworks Provides library for 5G MIMO simulations.
National Instruments 5G Massive MIMO testbed

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