5G NR Zadoff-chu sequence | Zadoff-chu sequence Generator MATLAB

This page covers 5G NR Zadoff-chu sequence. It mentions simulation of Zadoff-chu sequence generator in MATLAB and use of Zadoff-chu sequence in 5G NR technology.

Introduction: There are three sequences used in 5G NR wireless system viz. Zadoff chu sequence, gold sequence and m-sequence. Gold sequence is used in CP-OFDM, Zadoff-chu sequence is used in DFT-s-OFDM (for SSS) and m-sequence is used in PSS.

Zadoff-chu sequence use in 5G NR

• Zadoff-Chu sequences are used to generate NR random-access preambles (PRACH).
• It has following unique properties for which it is used.
-constant amplitude before DFT and after DFT
-zero cyclic auto-correlation
-low cross-correlation
• For PUSCH channel with DFT-S-OFDM physical layer, there is low PAPR Zadoff-Chu mode.

Following pdf mentions snapshot of sequence generation for random access channel as defined in TS 38.211 section 6.3.3. Refer LTE PSS and SSS >> and Zadoff-chu sequence basics >> for more information.

Zadoff-chu sequence Generator in MATLAB

Refer following links on mathworks website related to zadoff chu sequence generation.
• SRS-Sounding Reference Signal >>
• LTS PSS and SSS >>
• LTE zadoff chu sequence >>

Also refer 5G NR Gold Sequence and m-sequence for more information.

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