List of 5G NR RRC IEs | 5G NR RRC Information Elements

This page covers list of 5G NR RRC IEs (Information Elements). It includes 5G NR system IEs,UE capability IEs and other Information Elements (IEs).

The RRC stands for Radio Resource Control. The IEs are used for specific purposes in the system.

5G NR RRC Information Elements (IEs)

Following 3GPP published document TS 38.331 Release 15 covers definitions and fields of 5G NR specific Information Elements (IEs).

Table-1 RRC IEs

To navigate to respective RRC IEs, just click on the respective cells in the table below.

AdditionalSpectrumEmission Alpha ARFCN-ValueNR BWP BWP-Id BeamFailureRecoveryConfig CellGroupConfig CellGroupId CodebookConfig ConfiguredGrantConfig
ControlResourceSet ControlResourceSetId CrossCarrierSchedulingConfig CSI-AperiodicTriggerStateList CSI-FrequencyOccupation CSI-IM-Resource CSI-IM-ResourceId CSI-IM-ResourceSet CSI-IM-ResourceSetId CSI-MeasConfig
CSI-ReportConfig CSI-ReportConfigId CSI-ResourceConfig CSI-ResourceConfigId CSI-ResourcePeriodicityAndOffset CSI-RS-ResourceConfigMobility CSI-RS-ResourceMapping CSI-SemiPersistentOnPUSCH-TriggerStateList CSI-SSB-ResourceSetId CSI-SSB-ResourceSet
DMRS-DownlinkConfig DMRS-UplinkConfig DownlinkConfigCommon DownlinkPreemption DRB-Identity EUTRA-MBSFN-SubframeConfigList FilterCoefficient FreqBandIndicatorNR FrequencyInfoDL FrequencyInfoUL
Hysteresis LogicalChannelConfig LogicalChannelIdentity MAC-CellGroupConfig MeasConfig MeasGapConfig MeasGapSharingConfig MeasId MeasIdToAddModList MeasObjectEUTRA
MeasObjectId MeasObjectNR MeasObjectToAddModList MeasResults MeasResultSCG-Failure MeasResultCellListSFTD MultiFrequencyBandListNR NZP-CSI-RS-Resource NZP-CSI-RS-ResourceId NZP-CSI-RS-ResourceSet
NZP-CSI-RS-ResourceSetId P-Max PCI-List PCI-Range PCI-RangeElement PCI-RangeIndex PCI-RangeIndexList PDCCH-Config PDCCH-ConfigCommon PDCCH-ServingCellConfig
PDCP-Config PDSCH-Config PDSCH-ConfigCommon PDSCH-ServingCellConfig PDSCH-TimeDomainResourceAllocationList PhysCellId PhysicalCellGroupConfig PRB-Id PTRS-DownlinkConfig PTRS-UplinkConfig
PUCCH-Config PUCCH-ConfigCommon PUCCH-PathlossReferenceRS-Id PUCCH-PowerControl PUCCH-TPC-CommandConfig PUSCH-Config PUSCH-ConfigCommon PUSCH-PowerControl PUSCH-ServingCellConfig PUSCH-TimeDomainResourceAllocationList
PUSCH-TPC-CommandConfig Q-OffsetRange QuantityConfig RACH-ConfigCommon RACH-ConfigGeneric RACH-ConfigDedicated RA-Prioritization RadioBearerConfig RadioLinkMonitoringConfig RadioLinkMonitoringRSId
RateMatchPattern RateMatchPatternId RateMatchPatternLTE-CRS ReportConfigId ReportConfigNR ReportConfigToAddModList ReportInterval RLC-BearerConfig RLC-Config RLF-TimersAndConstants
RNTI-Value RSRP-Range RSRQ-Range SCellIndex SchedulingRequestConfig SchedulingRequestId SchedulingRequestResourceConfig SchedulingRequestResourceId ScramblingId SCS-SpecificCarrier
SDAP-Config SearchSpace SearchSpaceId SecurityAlgorithmConfig ServCellIndex ServingCellConfig ServingCellConfigCommon SINR-Range SlotFormatCombinationsPerCell SlotFormatIndicator
SS-RSSI-Measurement SPS-Config SRB-Identity SRS-Config SRS-CarrierSwitching SRS-TPC-CommandConfig SSB-Index SSB-MTC SubcarrierSpacing TCI-State
TCI-StateId TDD-UL-DL-Config TimeToTrigger UplinkConfigCommon ZP-CSI-RS-Resource ZP-CSI-RS-ResourceSet ZP-CSI-RS-ResourceSetId

Table-2 UE Capability IEs

To navigate to respective UE Capability IEs, just click on the respective cells in the table below.

AccessStratumRelease BandCombinationList CA-BandwidthClassNR CA-BandwidthClassEUTRA CA-ParametersNR
CA-ParametersEUTRA FeatureSetCombination FeatureSetCombinationId FeatureSetDownlink FeatureSetDownlinkId
FeatureSetEUTRA-DownlinkId FeatureSetDownlinkPerCC FeatureSetDownlinkPerCC-Id FeatureSetUplink FeatureSetUplinkId
FeatureSetEUTRA-UplinkId FeatureSetUplinkPerCC FeatureSetUplinkPerCC-Id FeatureSets FreqBandIndicatorEUTRA
FreqBandList FreqSeparationClass MIMO-Layers ModulationOrder MRDC-Parameters
RAT-Type SupportedBandwidth UE-CapabilityRAT-ContainerList UE-MRDC-Capability RF-ParametersMRDC
MeasParametersMRDC UE-NR-Capability Phy-Parameters RF-Parameters MIMO-ParametersPerBand
PDCP-Parameters RLC-Parameters MAC-Parameters MeasParameters Other information elements

Note: The IEs provided on this page are as per 3GPP 38.331 RRC specifications release 15. The information is subjected to change as per new releases from 3GPP.

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