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Logic Analyzer Basics

This page describes logic analyzer basics and mention logic analyzer manufacturers. The data present within a complex microprocessor system is continually changing at a fast rate. In order to make meaningful assessment of the state of such a system, it is necessary to analyze the data on instruction basis. This is done using logic analyzer. The technique here is to capture the data over small period of time, store it, analyze it and display as desired.

logic analyzer 16902A

Logic analyzers are interfaced with the device under investigation by means of an input port and acquisition memory. They are microprocessor controlled. Logic analyzers cost from 500 pound to thousands of pounds based on features/functionalities supported.

Most of the full function logic analyzers allow two modes of display viz. time domain and state domain. The first of these 'time domain' mode involves a form of timing diagram which plots logic waveforms showing the states of each input line over a given interval of time. The display window can usually be scrolled through the acquisition memory so that more detailed analysis is possible.

The alternative 'state domain' mode provides a display in binary/hexadecimal format and may additionally provide for disassembly of data for various microprocessors.

Logic Analyzer Manufacturers

Following are the logic analyzer manufacturers from popular test and measurement companies.

Company with Model number Features
Tektronix, TLA6400 Channels:34 to 136
Max. clock rate:667 MHz
Timing/Timing resolution:25GHz, 40ps
Price:About $11900
Tektronix, TLA7000 Channels:34 to 680
Max. clock rate:800 MHz to 1.4 GHz
Timing/Timing resolution:8 GHz to 50 GHz, 20 ps to 125 ps
Price:About $20600
Keysight, 16850 Timing analysis(2.5GHz/5GHz, upto 128M/256M memory, 12.5GHz(80ps) timing zoom with 256K memory)
State analysis(350MHz and 700MHz state clock, upto 128M deep memory )
Keysight, 16800 204 channels, 32M deep memory, 15 inch color display, pattern generator with 300MHz max. clock rate and max.memory depth of 16M vectors
USBee logic analyzer Upto 600MHz sampling, upto 896 million samples buffer uncompressed, upto 256 trillion samples with compression, upto 24 digital channels/4 analog channels, USB and WIFI interface

The other models from Keysight are 16901A and 16902B. Figure depicts 16902A model of logic analyzer from Keysight Technologies.

Test and Measurement Equipments

This section covers test and measurement equipments for WLAN, WiMAX, zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM, UMTS, LTE and more standard based device testing. It covers spectrum analyzer, VSG, VSA, frequency counter, protocol analyzer, AWG, digitizer, function generator, pulse generator, RF network analyzer, power meter, logic analyzer and more.

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