Invalid number of samples returned by CMU200

This issue is often reported while performing tests using R&S CMU200 communication test set. For example, during burst power measurement in EGPRS results into invalid number of samples by CMU200.

This issue is seen during Power vs. Time measurement using CMU200 when burst power measurement does not fall within power mask limit set by the CMU200 equipment for the wireless standard compliant device such as gsm,lte etc.

Following is the details captured from CMU200 equipment for NAN and INV.

Indication type Description
NAN NAN stands for Not A Number and it represents missing data in the frame. This can happen when data carried by frame or slot is not acquired fully and some data will be missing. The same can be observed in CMU200 when part of data is either corrupted or not filled in by the lower layers which CMU200 is expecting to come.
INV(invalid) Invalid number of samples returned or invalid parameter is displayed in CMU200 when limit check is performed and it fails. This is most obviously seen while doing spectrum mask measurement and when the actual measurement is falling outside the limit set. In some cases when the torelance is not set for the limit check condition that can also results into INVALID.

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