Benefits of Handheld Test and Measurement Devices

Test and Measurement devices are used in following scenarios:
• They are used in the field for installation
• Used during periodic, condition based or corrective maintenance phase
• Used for system monitoring tests

The handheld test and measurement devices are portable and hence ideal option for the installation phase of the system. The handheld devices will have following benefits compare to non-handheld devices.
• They have less weight
• They occupy less space
• Easy in integration with the system in place
• Improved measurement range in the newer versions.
• Targetted for specific application in mind
• Latest handheld devices are coming with higher precision and accuracy though these features are not needed in the field
• Robust to take care of environmental conditions of the field
• Enhanced portability due to remote control operation using software or applications running in laptop or desktop or tablets or smartphones
• Less Boot up and warmup times compare to desktop equipments.

Following table covers handheld analyzers and testers from leading manufacturers such as Keysight, Anritsu and Tektronix. They are used for test and measurement of base stations, mobile stations, cable and antenna testing, network equipment and network cable testing etc.

Product Vendor/Model specifications/features
Passive Intermodulation Analyzer Anritsu, PIM Master MW82119B It integrates 2MHz to 3GHz cable and antenna analyzer. Supports measurements such as PIM vs Time, Swept PIM, return loss, cable loss, VSWR, DTF
Cable and Antenna analyzer Anritsu, Site master series Covers frequency from 1MHz to 40GHz, supports VNA measurements, coaxial and waveguide systems can be measured, measurements such as return loss, VSWR, cable loss, DTF, smith chart, 2-port transmission measurements and 2 port cable loss tests can be done.
Base Station analyzer Anritsu, model no. MT8220T, BTS master supports 2G, 3G, 4G, WiMAX standards, combines many functionalities in one device
RF and Microwave analyzer Keysight technologies, FieldFox series Frequency from 4GHz to 26.5GHz are supported.
Modulation analyzer Anritsu, LMR Master model no. S412E LMR and PMR engineers use this, supports TETRA analysis and TETRA coverage measurements, TETRA display with color codes, location area code, transmit power measurements
R&S Spectrum analyzer Model FSH13 , FSH20 This handheld test and measurement equipment houses amplifier, which can also be brought into the circuit when required, supports frequency range from 9KHz to 13.6GHz and 9KHz to20GHz , supports LTE-Advanced features
Anritsu Transport tester Model no. Network Master Pro MT1000A,
Model no. Network Master Flex MT1100A
supports data rate from 1.5Mbps to 100Gbps, four 100Gbps ports are available, supports testing of ethernet, SDH, SONET, PDH, DSn, OTN and other network equipments at various level of development
Tektronix Spectrum analyzer Model No. RSA306 supports frequency from 9KHz to 6.2GHz, 40MHz real time Bandwidth, cheaper than conventional spectrum analyzer, PC based software helps display advanced measurements

Test and Measurement Equipments

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