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This page covers fiber optic test equipments.It covers test equipments used for testing fiber optic communication chain.

Fiber Optic Test Equipment Function
Optical light source It delivers stable continuous wave source of energy. It is required for attenuation measurements. Optical light source can have either LED or Laser. LEDs are used for single mode fiber applications while Lasers are used for singlemode fiber applications.
Refer LED vs Laser➤.
Optical Power meter Transmitted and received optical power is measured by optical power meter. It displays incident power on the photodiode.
OTDR Test Equipment Used for ORL (Optical Return Loss) Measurement. Used for pre-installation testing and re-storation testing. Provides information such as attenuation, distanace, rate of attenuation , reflectance etc. of fiber systems.
Loss Test Set This equipment combines both power meter and light source. It is used to determine total amount of loss in fiber under test(FUT). Loss test set is available for bi-directional insertion loss measurement.
Handheld Optical Tester It is handheld equipment used for optical fiber testing of various parameters.
Fiber Characterization Test It performs complete characterization of fiber with following tests.
• Loss testing• optical return loss• OTDR•  PMD(Polarization Mode Dispersion) •  Chromatic Dispersion•  Attenuation profile(or spectral attenuation)
Visual Fault Platform Locator Used to determine location of fault in fiber optic cable.
Fiber Identifier This fiber optic test equipment will identify optical fiber by detecting optical signal through singlemode fiber. It detects live optical transmission, continuous wave and modulated tones(e.g. 270 Hz, 1 KHz, 2 KHz).
Handheld fiber inspection microscope It produces details of scratches and contamination. It houses white LEDs for coaxial illumination. The fiber inspection microscopes are used to troubleshoot optical connectors. It is also used to examine polish quality.
Video Inspection Scope It is used as video microscopes. It is used to inspect fiber optic terminations.
Laser component, Photodiode component Used as light source and light detector in te fiber optic system.
OTDR Acceptance Reporting Tool It is used as acceptance testing with the help of launch and receive cables.
Phase Shift Analyzer Used for differential phase shift measurement. It is used to measure relative phase of amplitude modulation of AM modulated signal.
Pulse Delay Analyzer It is used to measure propagation delay at selected wavelengths.

This page will help one identify right fiber optic test equipment for their specific need. JDS Uniphase Corporation (known as JDSU) provides all the fiber optic test equipments mentioned in the table above.

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