Optical Power Meter Basics | Power Meter for Optical testing

This page describes Optical Power Meter basics.It mentions Optical Power Meter Vendors or manufacturers.

• The device used to measure power of a optical signal is known as Optical Power Meter.

• Different models are developed with different connector and fiber mode (e.g. single mode or multimode) requirement.

• The wavelength switch is also incorporated in the design in order to adjust the power measurement accuracy based on particular wavelength to be measured.

• In earlier power Sometimes power range switch is also provided. Now-a-days this is avoided and it is done automatically using advanced signal processing technologies. Refer Optical Bands for wavelength bands used in fiber optic domain.

Optical Power Meter

Now-a-days affordable Optical Spectrum Analyzers are also available for optical power measurement,
Refer Optical Spectrum Analyzer Basics➤ for more information.

Optical Power Meter Vendors or Manufacturers

Following table mentions vendors or manufacturers of Optical Power Meter.

Optical Power Meter
Fluke Networks
Newport Corporation
Anritsu Corporation
Ophir Optronics
RP Photonics Consulting GmbH
Irradian, UK
Keysight Technologies (Supplies Optical Spectrum Analyzer)

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