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LoRaWAN device conformance testing, LoRaWAN certification tests

This page mentions LoRaWAN device conformance test cases used during LoRaWAN certification testing.

Introduction: LoRaWAN certication test houses use set of test cases as mentioned below for testing LoRaWAN devices as per technical specification document. The test cases have been developed as per different device classes (A, B or C) and various frequency bands (868 MHz, 915 MHz, 923 MHz, 920 MHz) etc.

Based on the protocol stack of the DUT (Device Under Test), tests are being performed for all the protocol layers. In the LoRaWAN DUT, there are four protocol layers viz. RF, PHY, MAC and application layers. Hence conformance tests need to be performed on these layers of the stack. Refer LoRaWAN product compliance testing >> for more information.

LoRaWAN certification test cases

Following table mentions various LoRaWAN test cases used during the testing. The same are included in the detailed LoRaWAN certification test report by LoRa Alliance.

Test case Description
Test mode activation (By personalization) Pass or Fail
Test mode activation (Over the Air activation) Pass or Fail
Packet Error Rate (PER) Pass or Fail
Cryptography Pass or Fail
Downlink Window Timing Pass or Fail
Frame Sequence Number Pass or Fail
Device Status Request Pass or Fail
New Channel Request Pass or Fail
Confirmed Packets Pass or Fail
Receive (Rx) Parameter setup request Pass or Fail
Rx timing setup request Pass or Fail
Link ADR (Adaptive Data Rate) Request Pass or Fail
Packet Error Rate Rx1 Window Pass or Fail
Packet Error Rate Rx2 Window Pass or Fail
ADR (Optional) Supported or not supported
Spreading Factor (e.g. SF7) and Bandwidth (e.g. BW250 KHz) Supported or not supported
FSK, Data rate (e.g. 50 Kbps) Supported or not supported

Refer typical Physical layer(PHY) measurements>> and RF layer measurements>> performed on Physical layer and RF layer testing of the DUT.

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