5G Measurements | 5G UE Measurements | 5G BS Measurements

This page describes 5G measurements performed on UE and BS (Base Station) or NB. It mentions 5G UE measurements and 5G BS measurements. The 5G measurements cover both transmitter and receiver test cases.

Following are the tests performed during 5G measurements.
• Transmitter conformance measurements
• Receiver conformance measurements
• Measurements during Inter-operability tests
• Network Stability measurements
• Inter-RAT measurements
• Drive test measurements
• Near field and far field measurements

Keysight 5G test equipments

The figure-1 depicts equipments available from Keysight technologies for 5G measurements.

5G UE measurements | Transmitter Part

Test Case Description
Transmit power
Output Power Dynamics
Transmit Signal Quality
Output RF Spectrum Emissions
Spurious Emissions

5G measurements | UE receiver part

Test Case Description
Diversity characteristics
Reference sensitivity power level
Maximum input level
Adjacent channel selectivity
Blocking characteristics
Spurious response
Intermodulation characteristics
Spurious emissions

5G Base Station (BS) Transmitter measurements

Test Case Description
Radiated Transmit Power
Output Power
Output Power Dynamics
Transmit ON/OFF Power
Minimum Output Power
Transmitted Signal Quality
Occupied Bandwidth
ACLR (Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio)
Operating band unwanted emissions
Transmitter spurious emissions
Transmitter intermodulation

5G measurements | Base Station (BS) Receiver Part

Test Case Description
Reference sensitivity level
Dynamic range
In-band selectivity and blocking
Out-of-band blocking
Receiver spurious emissions
Receiver intermodulation
In-channel selectivity

• TS 38.101 UE radio transmission and reception
• TS 38.104 Base Station (BS) radio transmission and reception
• TS 38.141 BS conformance testing

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5G NR Control channels | 5G NR Traffic Channels | 5G NR Reference Signals and sequences


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