Low Pass IIR butterworth digital filter MATLAB source code

This section of MATLAB source code covers BUTTERWORTH IIR digital filter matlab code.It describes Low Pass IIR filter.

This page covers Low pass IIR Digital Filter of butterworth type.

IIR digital filter works on digital samples. It uses current input sample,previous input samples as well as previous output samples to produce current output sample.

IIR Filter Specifications

Following points are usually considered to design FIR filter other the window type.
• Passband and stopband ripples
• passband and stopband edge frequencies
• sampling frequency
• order of the filter
• filter coefficients
• magnitude and phase responses

Entering Input parameters

clc;close all;clear all;
format long
rp=input('enter the passband ripple(Example:0.5):');
rs=input('enter the stopband ripple(Example:60):');
wp=input('enter the passband freq(Example:1300):');
ws=input('enter the stopband freq(Example:2600):');
fs=input('enter the sampling freq(Example:10000):');

IIR MATLAB Function main part


figure;plot(om/pi,m);title('IIR Filter magnitude Response');ylabel('Gain in dB');xlabel('Normalised frequency');
figure;plot(om/pi,an);title('IIR Filter phase Response');xlabel('Normalised frequency');ylabel('Phase in radians');

INPUT and OUTPUT of IIR filter

IIR filter input
IIR filter magnitude response
IIR filter phase response

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