Wireless Technology news | Ericsson Multimode modem M7400, M7450

Feb 02,2014: Ericsson is the global leader in manufacturing and delivering telecom equipments for wireless networks based on various wireless standards viz. GSM,GPRS,WCDMA,HSPA and LTE. It develops products for various Radio Access Networks supporting these wireless technologies.

M7000 series of products from Ericsson supports various RATs such as GSM,EDGE,HSPA,HSPA+,LTE(FDD and TDD) and TD-SCDMA. The multiband support is available to cater for need of international community across the globe. The Ericsson multimode modem is used in tablets,smartphones and wireless networking devices from leading manufacturers.There are two flavors in M7000 series which include M7400 and M7450. Ericsson has rigorous and continuous testing process across the world to create smart products.

Ericsson M7400

Following are silent features of the M7400 multimode modem:

•  Support for multi RATs which includes LTE FDD/TDD, HSPA+, EDGE
•  Radio architecture supporting 16 bands for GSM,WCDMA and LTE RATs
•  Lowest power consumption
•  Flexible execution in software
•  Small form factor
•  High power efficiency
•  Easy Interfacing with data devices as well as application processors

Ericsson M7450

The Ericsson M7450 is a upgrade to previous M7400 modem. It supports multiple RATs and multibands.It supports carrier aggregation feature using single chip RF tansceiver. The modem is targetted mainly for LTE and LTE Advanced standards including support for GSM,WCDMA and TD-SCDMA.

Following are silent features of the M7450 multimode modem:

•  Single chip RF transceiver supporting 17 frequency bands
•  GSM,HSPA+,TD-SCDMA and LTE FDD/TDD RATs supported
•  carrier aggregation supported
•  power efficient architecture

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