Signal Hound launches low cost Spectrum Analyzer with RF Recorder

Date: Oct.24,2014:Signal Hound formerly known as Test Equipment Plus based in USA launched real time spectrum analyzer with RF recording. The model BB60C is simple and USB powered spectrum analyzer. The device is handy and can be used by wireless industry technicians as well as engineers.

Following are silent features of BB60C model spectrum analyzer.
•  Frequency range: 9KHz to 6GHz
•  Sweep speed: 24GHz/Sec when RBW is >=10KHz
•  Dynamic power range: -158 to +10dBm
•  Inst. Bandwidth: 27MHz
•  -40 degreeC to +65 degreeC
•  Cost: US $2879

BB60C is very good RF recorder with variable IQ sampling rates. It can record dara rates from range 312.5K upto 40M IQ samples using configurable BPFs.

The API interface provides Graphical User Interface. It performs computations at 1.2 million FFTs in a second. It supports 1PPS input and hence delivers 50ns timing accuracy.

Signal Hound offers other low cost spectrum analyzers model numbers USB-SA124B and USB-SA44B costing $1995 and $919 respectively. These low cost versions are ideal for hobbyists.

USB-SA124B offers frequency range from 100KHz to 12.4GHz and USB-SA44B offers frequency range from 1Hz to 4.4GHz. Both provides dynamic range from -151dBm to +10dBm and RBW of 0.1Hz to 250KHz.

About Signal Hound

Signal Hound® company formerly TEP(Test Equipment Plus) started in 1996. TEP is a leader in test equipments right from supplying the used equipments to the customers and repairing the test equipments for customers. In April 2014, Signal Hound has been established.
Test Equipment Plus
35707 NE 86th Ave.
La Center, WA 98629

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