Temperature sensor with camera and web interface from FLIR systems Inc.

Date: Jan.01,2015: FLIR systems Inc. has recently introduced temperature sensor with camera and web interface. This new product model AX8 is a fixed mount temperature sensor. It combines both thermal and visible cameras. It is developed with MSX technology by FLIR systems and is available in small and affordable package.

This temperature sensor device helps in identification of temperature related issues in mechanical and electrical equipments. Hence it will help in unplanned service interruptions and avoid equipment failure.

This AX8 has about 4800 temperature points per image. This device has industry standard interfaces such as Ethernet/TCP-IP/modbus TCP. It delivers streaming temperature data with built-in web interface. This temperature sensors send out alerts when the device detects any elevated temperature conditions.

Following are the silent features of this temperature sensor device.
• Dimension: 54 X 25 X 95 mm
• Delivers streaming thermal, visual, MSX video
• Video Output Formats supported: MPEG, MJPEG, H264
• Ethernet and TCP/IP support for internet connectivity

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