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RF Industry news-Pasternack introduces 60GHz Tx/Rx waveguide

Pasternack has introduced 60GHz Tx/Rx waveguide modules and development system recently. This Pasternack waveguide system includes transmitter and receiver and works in 60GHz frequency range.

Oct 1,2013
Pasternack recently introduced an entirely new 60 GHz Waveguide Modules and Development System which allows R&D labs, engineers and developers to get up and running experimenting with 60 GHz technology in minutes. Common applications include point-to-point links (cellular backhaul), GigE wireless LAN (WiGig), radiometry, uncompressed HD video, FMCW 60 GHz radar, scintillometry,networks in campuses and multi-gigabit,remote sensing based wireless communications.

Pasternack 60 GHz waveguide Tx Rx

The system can use unlicensed frequency spectrum 57GHz to 64GHz,millimeter wave ISM band available globally. Pasternack has partnership with Vubiq to design this unique 60 GHz RF system. This system makes it easy to design high-bandwidth products,with user friendly GUI to configure using USB interface. It has standard WR-15 V-band waveguide interface. It can be useful for modulation bandwidth upto 1.8 GHz. It is ideal for development of systems based on 802.11ad, 802.11aj or any 540MHz/500MHz channel system.

About 60GHz development system

• Easy-to-use interface software
• Waveguide SiGe Transmitter Module
• Waveguide SiGe Receiver Module
• WR15 Rx Board
• WR15 Tx Board
• Mounting Brackets
• (2) Tripods
• (2) AC-DC Power Adapters
• (2) USB interface Cables
• Expansion kit with phase matched baseband coaxial cables
• additional accessories can also be available for separate price which includes antennas(horn), IQ modules and cables.

Product IDs

Complete Development system- PEM003-KIT
60GHz waveguide transmitter module- PEM001
60Ghz waveguide receiver module-PEM002


• 802.11ad
• 802.11aj
• Point-to-point / Backhaul Radio Links
• HD video
• Radiometry
• Ethernet
• Remote Sensing

About Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

It is a global supplier of RF and Microwave components supported by a growing list of 17 international distributors who service customers in more than 32 countries across the globe. Pasternack is in the service to RF/Microwave community since more than 40 years.

Toll free: 866-PASTERNACK (866-727-8376)
Phone: 949-261-1920
Fax: 949-261-7451

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