Mini circuits RF switch | Mini circuits launched RF Switch

Mini circuits RF Switch is very popular.Mini circuits have introduced single pole 4 throw switch.Mini circuits RF switch supports frequency from DC to 18GHz.

Aug.19, 2013
Mini-circuits launchedsingle pole 4-throw RF switch which supports frequency range from DC to 18 GHz.

Mini circuits part number USB-1SP4T-A18 is useful for switch matrix test equipment line.

The features of the device are as follows:
Switching time: 25ms
Insertion Loss: 0.2 dB
ON/OFF Isolation: 85 dB typically
Peripheral Configuration: 5 SMA(F) connectors,2.1 mm DC socket, USB type B port for control

About Mini Circuits

The company Mini Circuits is a global leader in RF and Microwave products. The products are used as drop-in ICs for RF product development. They also manufacture modules and sub-systems. The products are in frequency range from DC to 40GHz. Mini circuits products are used for various applications such as signal processing, test and measurement, wireless systems, satellite, RF and microwave circuits etc.

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