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Aug 30,2013
Texas Instruments(TI) launched Tiva-C Series Development Kit(TM4C123G USB+CAN) for microcontroller development,compatible to ARM Cortex®-M4+ architecture.

TM4C123G development kit features

• Kit includes Tiva C Series TM4C123G MCU with 256KB internal Flash
• Supports mixed-signal applications with temperature sensor,LED,CAN transceiver,ADC
• connectivity for external analog inputs/CAN signals
• microSD card slot, USB micro-AB
• Communicates with on-chip connectivity options, including USB 2.0 interface/CAN transceiver.
• Option for interfacing 96 X 64 color OLED display/five user navigation buttons
• motion and position tracking support with 9-axis motion sensor
• 10-pin JTAG header interface for debugging
• USB flash drive

Tiva C Series DK-TM4C123G development kit is available for price of $149

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