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Sep.16, 2013
Microchip Technology Inc. introduces first microcontroller which integrates 16-bit ADC, 10 Msps ADC,DAC, USB/LCD drivers on single chip. The Microcontroller family is designated as PIC24FJ128GC010. The kit for the same is available with less than $100.

• USB, LCD and touch sensing features
• extends battery life due to low power( 18 nA Sleep, 180micro-Amp./MHz Run)
• Segmented LCD Driver( 472 Segments,Scrolling Character Display)

This PIC® microcontroller from Microchip is used for various medical and industrial applications. Medical appliance include Blood Pressure Meters,Glucose Meters,Pulse Oximeters, Weigh Scales,Wearable Sensors etc. For industrial applications it is used in Lab Instruments,Environmental Quality Testers,Handheld Light Meters ,Infrared Thermometers,High Speed Sensor Arrays and Portable Gas Sensors etc.

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