Antenna News | Toshiba launches RF Antenna Switch for Smartphone

Toshiba launches TaRF5 SP10T RF Antenna Switch for Smartphone and other applications. It is suitable for smartphone application in the industry due to lower insertion loss and smaller size.

The new product uses "TaRF5", a new generation TarfSOI™ process using silicon on insulator technology.

New samples of this product based on TaRF5 process achieves 25% reduction in insertion loss and 40% reduction in size compare to previous TaRF3 process. This also helps in extending battery operating life.

Current edge wireless technologies LTE/LTE Advanced requires multiple port switches and need to be used for most complex mathematical oprations,Toshiba's advanced process technology based RF antenna switch caters to the need of these advanced wireless technologies.

About Toshiba

Toshiba founded in the year 1875 and today it operates a global network of about more than 590 companies,for more visit

Toshiba group has diversified business ranging from digital products(LCD TVs,notebook PCs), electronic devices(including semiconductors, storage products and materials), industrial and social infrastructure systems, including power generation systems,retail solutions, smart community solutions, medical systems and escalators & elevators; and home appliances.

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