Microcontroller job Prospectus

Microcontroller came into existence with the invention of first microcontroller TMS 1000 by TI engineers in 1971. It was first 4bit microcontroller with built in RAM/ROM. Later in 1974, it was offered to the electronics industry with various RAM/ROM sizes.

The microcontroller become more popolar with introduction of 8051 microcontroller by Intel in 1980. It has been widely used across the industries for various applications. Till today versions of 8051 family are being developed.

Basic Microcontroller consists of CPU,Memory(RAM/ROM),timers and peripheral devices(ports,ADC,DAC).

Various appliations of microcontrollers include lighting devices,sensors,safety devices,process control devices, instruments,hand held test and measurement devices,medical devices,consumer electronics(remote),monitoring and control of various parameters and so on. Due to these enormous applications microcontroller engineers are always in demand for both programming as well as hardware related jobs.

microcontroller job needs skills based on hardware or software profile. As a microcontroller programmer one need to have strong knowledge on C language as most of the microcontroller programs are written in embedded C which is similar to C language.After writing the embedded C code the same is converted to loadable binary file using cross compiler.

For hardware job, one need to have knowledge of PCB design,troubleshooting and so on. They need to be sharp in electronic circuits and interfacing of microcontroller with external interfacing ICs.

Demand across the industries:

• Automotive domain
• Aerospace
• Consumer electronic s
• Data acquisition/test and measurement

Skills desired:

• Microcontroller or embedded basics
• C language programming with emphasis on real-time concepts
• Embedded software programming/de-bugging skills

Companies hiring for microcontroller job:

• CSR India
• Texas Instruments
• Microchip
• Silicon Labs
• Renesas Technology Corp.
• Intel Corporation
• Analog devices
• Atmel corporation
• Dallas semiconductor
• Fujitsu semiconductor
• National semiconductor
• STMicroelectronics
• ZiLog
• Freescale semiconductor
• Infineon technologies
• Netsilicon
• Rabbit semiconductor
• Fairchild

Expected Salary Range:

Following are payscales for Microcontroller manufacturing related jobs:

Experience Payscale
Entry level Rs. 430,000
Mid career Rs. 1300000
Experienced Rs.1800000

Following are the payscales of Lead Software engineer for PIC or any other microcontroller related jobs.

Experience Payscale
Mid career Rs 388,186 - Rs 993,061
Experienced Rs 688,758 - Rs 2,014,438


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