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This page describes Zigbee questionnaire written by specialists in Zigbee wireless domain. This top 10 zigbee interview questions and answers will help interviewee pass the job interview for zigbee job position with ease. These questions are very useful as Zigbee viva questions also.

Question -1: Explain basics of zigbee technology.
Answer -1: In answer, one has to explain zigbee frequency range, distance coverage and data rate supported.
Refer What is Zigbee➤.

Question -2: Mention how many frequency channels are supported in zigbee in different PHY versions.
Answer -2: 2.4 GHz zigbee supports 16 channels, 868 MHz supports 1 channel and 915 MHz supports 10 channels
Refer Zigbee channels and their frequency➤.

Question -3: Explain the different components which form Zigbee network or system.
Answer -3: There are three main components in a zigbee network. They are co-ordinator, router and end device.
Refer Zigbee Terminology➤.

Question -4: What is Zigbee RF4CE version?
Answer -4: Refer Answer-4➤.

Question -5: What is Zigbee 6LoWPAN version?
Answer -5: Refer Answer-5➤.

Question -6: Explain Zigbee network architecture and how it is established?
Answer -6: Refer Zigbee Network basics➤.

Question -7: Explain block diagram of Zigbee physical layer modules.
Answer -7: There are two versions of physical layer in zigbee i.e. 2.4 GHz mode and 868/915 MHz mode.
Refer Answer-7➤.

Question -8: Explain Zigbee frame structure and explain different fields.
Answer -8: Refer PHY layer frame format➤ and MAC layer frame format➤.

Question -9: Explain Zigbee routing protocol.
Answer -9: AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Protocol) is used as zigbee routing protocol.
Refer Answer-9➤.

Question -10: Can you compare Zigbee with WiFi.
Answer -10: Both the technologies have their own niche areas. Zigbee is developed for automation while wifi is used for internet application. With WiFi, one internet connection in the home or office premises can be shared among 5-10 devices. Moreover wifi is used as offloading solution for existing cellular internet connection.
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