10 VHDL,Verilog,FPGA interview questions and answers

This page describes VHDL Verilog questionnaire written by specialists in FPGA embedded domain. This top 10 VHDL,Verilog,FPGA interview questions and answers will help interviewee pass the job interview for FPGA programmer job position with ease. These questions are very useful as FPGA viva questions also.

Question -1: Write a simple VHDL program for D Flipflop and D latch.
Answer -1: Refer D Flipflop VHDL Code➤ and D Latch VHDL Code➤

Question -2: Write a VHDL program for 4X1 MUX(Multiplexer).
Answer -2: Refer 4X1 MUX VHDL Program➤.

Question -3: Write a VHDL code for 8 to 3 encoder.
Answer -3: Refer 8-3 Encoder VHDL Code➤.

Question -4: Write VHDL program for 4 bit binary counter(up or down).
Answer -4: Refer 4 bit binary counter VHDL code➤.

Question -5: Explain FPGA internal Architecture.
Answer -5: Refer FPGA Architecture Basics➤.

Question -6: Write Verilog program for 1 bit and 4 bit comparators.
Answer -6: Refer 1 bit and 4 bit comparator verilog code➤.

Question -7: Write Verilog code for half adder and full adder logic circuit.
Answer -7: Refer Full adder➤ and Half adder➤ Verilog codes.

Question -8: Explain difference between signal and variable in VHDL.
Answer -8: Signals are used as interconnects between components and also to store temporary values. Signals can be declared internal to architecture and are not available external to the architecture. Variable is like other programming language, It is an object whose value may be changed after creation.
Refer Signal and Variable➤.

Question -9: Explain difference between VHDL and Verilog.
Answer -9: Both are used as language to develop code targetted for FPGA device. Syntax in Verilog programming is like C language. VHDL syntax are different.

Question -10: How do you implement multiply and divide operation with power of 2 in VHDL or Verilog.
Answer -10: Left shift is equivalent to multiply operation and right shift is equivalent to divide operation. Hence using shift operations the same can be easily and efficiently implemented.

This set of VHDL VERILOG interview questions and answers are useful for freshers and experienced level of job positions as FPGA programmer.

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