L2/L3 job Prospectus

L2(Layer-2) and L3(Layer-3) falls under OSI layer-2/3. Various wireless technologies adopt different protocols at these layers based on system specifications. But basic function remains same.

As we know L2(Layer2) does error detection using CRC,flow control,retransmission of erroneous packets and takes care of resource assignment. L3(Layer3) does routing, logical addressing,packet sequencing and provide interfacing with TCP or UDP.

L2,L3 jobs requires basic knowledge of the L2 and L3 protocols but in addition specific protocol knowledge/experience is a must. Different wireless standards/technologies have different protocols and syntax at these layers. Hence working experience makes the difference in performing the roles and responsibilities with respect to the job.

Expertise in programming languages such as C/C++ will be necessary for these jobs. Basic knowledge of L1 also sometimes required to analyze the root causes in the failure cases or understand the problem from system perspective.

Demand across the industries:

• Wireless telecommunication industry
• Test and Measurement industry
• Embedded industry


• Layer-2(L2) protocols , Layer-3 protocols ( RLC,MAC, PDCP,RRC, IP, SIGTRAN, TCP,UDP)
• C/C++ language with emphasis on data structures and algorithms
• Perl or Shell scripting (will be a plus)
• GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WiMAX standards
• Code Composer / Code Composer emulator and debugging tools
• Linux / VxWorks software platforms/Operating systems
• Multi-Core DSPs , GPP or processor porting/troubleshooting/debugging
• Design Methodologies: OOD / UML
• Architecture level implementation including point-control plane, data plane or user plane experience

Companies hiring for L2/L3 job:

• Wipro
• Infosys
• Mindtek
• Ericsson
• Cisco
• Juniper
• Arista networks
• Huawei Technologies
• Radisys

Expected Salary Range:

Experience Payscale
Entry level Rs. 225,500 to Rs. 352000 per year
Mid-career Rs. 425,500 to Rs. 15,50000 per year


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