Solar Outage Angle Calculator | Sun outage Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Solar outage angle calculator. The sun outage angle equation used for this sun outage calculator is also mentioned. This sun outage calculator takes beamwidth, downlink frequency and diameter of antenna as input and provides sun outage angle as output.

Antenna Beam width in Decibels (input1) :

Satellite downlink frequency in GHz (input2) :

Parabolic or dish antenna diameter in meters (input3):

Sun outage angle in Degree(Output1):

Sun outage calculator EXAMPLE:
Beamwidth (Input-1) = 3 dB,
Satellite Downlink Frequency (Input-2)= 12.5 GHz,
Antenna Diameter (Input-3) = 1.8 meters
Sun outage angle = 0.711 degrees

Sun outage angle calculator Equation

sun outage angle calculator figure

The figure depicts satellite, sun and earth and relation of outage angle. The figure shows solar outage angle.

Following equation or formula is used for Sun outage angle calculator.

sun outage angle calculator equation

This satellite sun outage calculator is very useful in the area of satellite communication.

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