RF Cable Loss calculator | Coaxial Cable loss formula

This RF Cable Loss calculator calculates coaxial cable loss. The RF coaxial cable loss formula used in this calculator is also mentioned.

cable operating Frequency MHz (input1) :

K1 (input2) :

K2 (input3) :

Connector Loss Factor (input4) :

Cable Length L in feet (input5) :

RF Cable Loss in dB/100 Ft (Output1):

RF Cable Loss in dB with length L (Output2):

EXAMPLE of RF Cable Loss Calculator:
Frequency = 2500 MHz, K1 = 0.11694, K2 = 0.00036, CLF = 0.12, L = 150ft
RF Cable Loss = 6.93 dB/100ft, 10.4 dB/150 ft

RF coaxial cable loss formula

Following RF coaxial cable loss formula is used in this calculator is also mentioned.

rf cable loss formula

The cable Loss consists of conductor wire loss, insulation loss and connector loss. As mentioned in the equation, conductor loss (K1) relates to square root of frequency, insulation loss (K2) relates to frequency and connector loss relates to connectors used in the cable. Connectors can be either straight type or right angled type.

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