reflex klystron Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers reflex klystron calculator. It calculates output power,repeller voltage and efficiency of reflex klystron.

Frequency of operation (input1) :

DC Beam Voltage in Volt (input2) :

DC Beam current in mA (input3) :

Mode of operation (input4) :

Repeller Spacing in meter (input5) :

Output Power in Watt (Output1):

Repeller Voltage (Output2):

Electronic Efficiency (Output3):

Frequency(GHz)=10, Beam voltage(V)=300, Beam current(mA) = 15, Mode = 2.75 ( = 11/4), Repeller spacing(meter) = 0.001 (=1mm)
Power =0.651 Watt, Repeller Voltage=124.5 V , Efficiency = 14.47

Reflex klystron Equation

Following equation or formula is used for reflex klystron calculator.

reflex klystron calculator equations

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