Air filled rectangular cavity resonator calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Air filled rectangular cavity resonator calculator. The calculator calculates resonant frequency, unloaded quality factor and half power bandwidth. This calculator is for cavity resonator in TE101 mode. Hence m =1, n =0 and p =1. It is air filled, hence 1/sqrt(με) = 3 x 1010 .

Width of rectanguar cavity(b) (input1):

Length of rectanguar cavity(a)(input2):

Height of rectanguar cavity(d)(input3):

Conductivity (input4):

Resonant frequency in GHz (Output1):

Unloaded Quality factor (Output2):

Half Power Bandwidth in Hz (Output3):

INPUTS: b = 3cm , a = 5cm ,h = 10 cm, conductivity = 6.17E7
OUTPUTS: Resonant frequency (GHz) =3.35 , Unloaded Quality factor = 15580.7 , Half power bandwidth = 215.272KHz

Rectangular cavity resonator Equation

As we know that in waveguide the EM wave propagates freely along the z direction. When the waveguide is closed by perfect conducting walls then the wave propagation in z direction will get stopped. In this case, reflected wave from walls will form standing waves. This standing wave pattern will set up along the direction of propagation. The transverse E field is zero on the walls and also at half wavelength point along the guide. Here if another perfect conducting transverse wall is placed at any such null points then field configurations remain unchanged.

This results into formation of cavity. This cavity will have length in the multiples of λg/2 . This cavity will have resonant properties at only definite frequencies.

If the waveguide is rectangular in shape the the cavity formed will be referred as rectangular cavity. Following equation or formula is used for air filled rectangular cavity resonator calculator .

rectangular cavity resonator calculator

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